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Online Consultation

We provide online consultation with a team of professionals with a total combined experience of over 60 years.

Our Online Services and their Charges:

The consultation is available online via Zoom / Whatsapp after paying a certain fee listed for each of the services that may be required by you.

  1. VISA / Immigration Consultation

Click here then Payment options appear, After payment a Calendar with time appear to schedule a Zoom Meeting.

  1. Visa Application Preparation

Option appears for payments depending on the size of family. After payment a Document upload button is provided and a list of documents that are required may be uploaded.

  1. Immigration Documentation / Application Preparation
  1. Visa / Immigration Consultation. Fee. US$100.00
  2. Visa Application Preparation

Fee. (Individual US$500) (Family of 4 US$1,000) (for every Additional family member US$250)

  1. Immigration Retainer (Non-Refundable US$5,000)

Third Party Documentation Charges vary depending on the case.

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